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The Beautiful Truro - 25 April 2007 at 12:17
So down the left leg of the United Kingdom to beautiful Truro! The city disguised as a village that is really a town! What amazing weather! What scenic views! What a LONG train journey! Stayed in a lovely B+B with chrome heated towel rails and a bed like a cloud, the only down side was that it was on top of a hill, making our post-performance return literally an uphill climb! After our short easter break it was nice to be reunited with our beloved revolving biscuit and the show went well with a lovely audience! The wide stage made it a little harder to disguise the "mechanics" of the piece but we managed. The following day we had a training day, followed by a chance to enjoy the weather with a well earned drink in the sunshine before hopping back on the train to the big smoke... which felt even longer on the way back, maybe it was uphill too?
Oh, and... a quick hello to everyone who attended Easter Dynamics at The Place, you guys were fab!
Tim Casson

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