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JVC Best Pub Pies Ever Award - 22 May 2007
To dual language signs of Newport! After an authentic meal in Rocky's American diner we woke the next day to go to a shiny theatre with a high tech looking auditorium reminiscent of a star trek interstellar convention room! (full story)

From Cornwall via Scotland we reach Bracknell - 08 May 2007
I pretty much fell over most things including the set, the wings, my flailing limbs... (full story)

The Beautiful Truro - 25 April 2007 heated towel rails and a bed like a cloud... (full story)

a place called funland - 09 April 2007 we finally made it to Southport. It was nice, there was a place called funland, I mean what town couldnt be fun with a place called funland? (full story)

behind the scenes - 02 April 2007
Myself and Paul will be writing a bit of a diary so you get a behind the scenes insight into life on the tour of 'Justitia'. (full story)